Another round of Whole 30 has come to an end. This being my fifth or sixth round (I have lost count) I knew what to expect and what to have on hand in order to be successful and stay motivated. I feel that this was my BEST round for many reasons that I want to share with you all.

Why Another Round?

First let me start with why I decided to do another round of whole30. This round actually wasn’t planned and I’m wondering if that is why it was my best yet?! Around Easter I was noticing a drop in my energy, stomach ache flare ups, anxious feelings, headaches, and other “not my best self” feels. The weather was starting to get nicer, the days longer so I was spending a lot of my time consuming alcohol and snacks.

I noticed my mood swings and knew immediately what was going on. So then the impromptu whole 30 happened and I am so happy it did. Here I am 34 days later and I feel incredible. My moods are more positive, those anxious moments happen less, no more headaches, no more gross gut feels and I know I have whole 30 to thank.

Growing up I was the world’s pickiest eater. I wish I knew back then, what I know now. I still find it incredible how important of a role food plays to our bodies. Now that I have experienced it and understand it, it makes sense.

What Works For Me?

After doing a few rounds I have learned things that work for me and things that don’t work for me. What’s the number one thing that works for me and helps me stay on track? FOOD PREP. I know you’ve read everywhere how crucial food prep is and your probably over hearing it BUT it is absolutely crucial. For example, if your running late and your on whole 30 (which will happen, cause life happens) and you don’t have the time to make something or find something compliant… your in trouble. We’ve all been there. Either this means you skip a meal or you cheat. Skipping a meal is NEVER a good thing in general but especially when your on whole 30.

So take the time, set aside 2 hours and prep some items that:

  • YOU LOVE- makes things you will look forward to eating. Nothing like that feeling of dreading your lunch and dreaming of something better…
  • ARE EASY- make things that are simple and don’t require tons of steps/crazy ingredients. Keep it simple. 30 days is a long time. Be practical.
  • ARE NUTRITIOUS- make things that add value. Nutrients, vitamins, healthy fats, etc. Be mindful.
  • ARE QUICK FOR ON THE GO- make things you can grab from the fridge and bring anywhere. Don’t have a way of heating something up? Have a cold and hot option to grab in a jiffy! For example, chicken salad is perfect to throw over lettuce when you are on the go! NO need to heat up.

I promise you being FOOD PREPPED is going to make your whole 30 journey more successful.

What I Always Have In My Kitchen

Some things I must have hand for those I NEED FOOD moments:

  • Almonds- I use almonds for cooking and snacking. I’ve started to buy mine in bulk to save money since we consume a lot. I recently started buying this brand.
  • Cashews- I also use cashews for cooking and snacking. Love Terrasoul’s products!
  • Carrots plus ranch. You can make your own whole 30 ranch or buy one. If I am in a jiffy I use Primal Kitchen’s ranch.
  • Which brings me to mayo. Having whole 30 compliant mayo on hand is important as it is used in so many sauces!
  • Dried Fruit. I try not to eat a lot of fruit because of the sugar however I do like to mix dried fruit in with my cashews and almonds.

Why Having A Plan Is So Important

Another important part of being successful is having a plan. By that I mean know what your next meal will be and when your next meal will be. I plan a day a head always if not more. Why? So I am not rushing or stressing an hour before lunch or dinner trying to figure out what I’m going to make or eat. Not having a plan leads to laziness which leads to bad food choices. Knowing what I will be making allows me to relax and not worry about that next meal or have to think about coming up with a meal.

Most Importantly…

Remain positive! Having a good attitude is the best thing you can do for yourself on this journey. Instead of focusing on the negative such as not being able to drink, or eat your favorite snack, focus on how amazing your body will feel after a week of whole 30. Focus on the positive relationship you are building with food! Focus on learning how to cook new things and being in the kitchen a little more.

There will be things you love and hate about this journey. Keep a journal, track your feelings. Reflect on some of your best moments and worst moments so you can learn from them.

Share your journey with friends and family! I always love to hear of whole 30 journeys!

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