Ways To Deal With Emotional Eating

Have you ever told yourself “It’s okay, I deserve this, I’ve had a bad day” as you grab a tub of ice cream? Or do you ever get the idea of a specific food craving in your head and then make yourself believe that you must have it now and that it’s the only thing that will cure your hunger? AH, I am guilty of both of these. I didn’t truly realize it until my recent round (current round) of whole 30.

As I am on day 13 of Whole 30 I have officially gotten past my cravings. I’m starting to get used to sticking to my three meals a day, making sure they are fulfilling and satisfying. These past few days in particular I’ve noticed a change in the way I feel hungry. Sounds weird, I know right? But I am serious.

After each meal these past fews days I felt satisfied and full. I didn’t feel like I needed seconds, or something more. I didn’t get the urge for something sweet. I simply ate my meal and felt satisfied till the next. Thank you, Whole 30.

In the past I’ve felt guilty after eating, especially if I had a snack or dessert right after I had a meal. What I realize now, is that I would go for that dessert or that snack not because I was actually hungry but because I thought I needed it emotionally. Maybe my favorite show was on or I had the day off the next day and felt it was okay to “indulge and snack”, whatever the excuse was I fell for it.

Some signs of emotional eating are needing to eat a specific food, eating after you’ve just eaten a meal, eating after or suddenly during or after and emotional event, feeling guilty after eating, eating past fullness, hunger is brought on my sensory things (smell, sight), or hunger comes on fast and suddenly.

Um, I have experienced all of these…

Some ways to combat emotional eating are:

Think twice. When your feeling like you want food, take a second to really think about if your hungry. Do you feel it in your stomach? Is your stomach growling? When is the last time you ate?

Be patient. When you get the urge to eat or feel hungry occupy yourself for 30 minutes or so and see if your hunger craving is still there. Sometimes I feel like I eat out of pure boredom. So instead take a walk, read an article, do the dishes, fold the laundry, stay occupied and see if you actually are hungry!

Eat Fulfilling/Satisfying Meals. This seems obvious but it took me a while to catch on. My first round of whole 30 I somehow thought I had to try and make all these fancy, new things I’ve never had before. It left me feeling pressured and unmotivated to keep up. Eventually I learned to make meals that I knew I loved. Meals that I knew filled me up. Meals that I knew I would look forward to as leftovers because lets be honest…leftovers are very crucial! We all deserve a night off from cooking here and there, am I right?!

Plan Ahead. Food prep has become so important for me and it really can help anyone to stay on track. If your prepped with a plan and you know what your next meal is, it can mentally help you push through till the next meal. I have learned this trick and its actually working. For example I have each meal for each day planned out at least one day in advance if not more. I know that morning what my lunch and dinner will be. It helps me push through knowing I have something waiting at home, instead of having to figure out what to eat last minute and then emotionally eating. I used to snack as I was preparing dinner!!! So silly.

I highly suggest trying a round of whole 30! It has really helped me reset my body. I know how to fuel my body at lunch to get me through the afternoon to dinner. I don’t crave sweets or feel I need that afternoon snack. If you don’t want to try whole 30, try sticking to three fulfilling meals a day. See if you can train/teach your body to lose the cravings and feel satisfied off of your meals.

Take it day by day! One good day is better than NO good days. Stay positive and remain motivated.

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