Top 5 Whole 30 “Must Haves”

If you have completed a round of Whole 30, then you absolutely know how important it is to be food prepped. If your anything like me, when your hungry your hungry. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t ended a whole 30 due to caving because I was not prepared.

After many lessons learned, I have realized how important having Whole 30 compliant snacks on hand are. Over many trials I’ve figured out what snacks are most satisfying to me and which ones work best for my lifestyle.

As I gear up for another round I sat down to make my grocery list for week one. I always organize my week first by which meals I plan on having then I make my grocery list.

When doing Whole 30 I don’t plan for snacks, however from experience I know they will be needed as life happens. So for each day I include 1-2 snacks that I may or may not have. The important thing is having them for the “emergencies” such as running late, thinking I must indulge or cheat, or when I’m somewhere that doesn’t offer anything that is compliant.

Five things that are consistently on my list for each week are…

1. Veggies & Dip

A must have always is veggies and dip. Whether you have carrots and compliant ranch, celery and almond butter, or mix in compliant thousand island they are all so delicious, refreshing, and healthy. My fiance loves cherry tomatoes with compliant ranch (weird, I know) but it’s whatever floats your boat! Easy to pack in a bag or small container. Place an ice pack in your lunch box and your good to go for times on the go.

I promise this will come in handy. I actually prep out 6 bags of veggies for the week so I can grab from the fridge and go. I make about 2 batches of homemade compliant ranch a week if I don’t have a compliant brand, such as The Primal Kitchen’s, on hand. I jar out my dressing so I can also grab and go from the fridge. Use my code appetiteforlifee @ Primal Kitchen for a 10% discount on all there products. There mayo and ranch are my favorites!

2. Nuts

This is an obvious one but I can’t stress enough how many times almonds have saved me. I recently tried ranch roasted mixed nuts and they are easily on my list every week now as they were life changing.

You can eat a handful or two plain or dress them up but either way they are filling and satisfying. I have a bag of almonds in my car and my purse for emergencies. They have easily held me over for an hour or two if I was stuck somewhere.

3. Frozen Fruit

I try to eat as little fruit as possible on whole 30 however I have found that frozen grapes and bananas are so satisfying and delicious. They also feel like a dessert which feels indulgent when doing a round of whole 30. They are easy as you just throw them in the freezer. As tasty as they are I don’t go overboard as they do have natural sugars.

4. Chicken/Tuna/Egg/Potato Salad

The great thing about a chicken or potato salad is that it can be eaten cold. In a rush to leave the house, grab your pre-prepped container of chicken salad with lettuce or your container of potato salad as a snack. Eat it on the way, on the go. I sometimes even dip my celery in my chicken salad (so weird, I know). It also makes for a fulfilling dinner over a salad or wrapped in a cucumber or lettuce wrap. A must have prepped in the fridge.

5. Deviled Eggs or Hard Boiled Eggs

Another no brainer, but seriously you NEED these prepped and good to go in your fridge. I hated eating eggs for years. One day I sucked it up and tried them and now I make at least 7 of these a week. Perfect for protein and so easy to make and eat on the go, they are the perfect whole 30 snack to have on hand. Eat them alone or throw them over a salad.

Many people ask me whats your best advice for whole 30 and I always say be food prepped. Even if you think you won’t be hungry or will be able to stick to your meals or plan it doesn’t hurt to have something in place just in case.

The easiest excuse is “I didn’t have anything compliant, I’ll just start tomorrow”. Don’t let that happen by being food prepared. Even if you start with having just one of these things on hand. Track your cravings and see what works for you.

Happy Whole 30ing!

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