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Jalapeño Ranch Shredded Chicken Avocado Boats

I know I’m not the only one who looks forward to Taco Tuesday…  of course I love to enjoy a taco any day of the week but Tuesdays just seem so fitting….  My past few taco adventures have been ground beef or turkey so I decided to tackle chicken this time around.  One of my favorite chicken recipes is cool ranch shredded chicken. SO GOOD! So I decided to blend that into my recipe.  For my boats I went for avocados but I think this blend would pair well with a sweet potato boat, zucchini boats, or a lettuce wrap!  … Continue reading Jalapeño Ranch Shredded Chicken Avocado Boats

Ways To Deal With Emotional Eating

Have you ever told yourself “It’s okay, I deserve this, I’ve had a bad day” as you grab a tub of ice cream? Or do you ever get the idea of a specific food craving in your head and then make yourself believe that you must have it now and that it’s the only thing that will cure your hunger? AH, I am guilty of both of these. I didn’t truly realize it until my recent round (current round) of whole 30. As I am on day 13 of Whole 30 I have officially gotten past my cravings. I’m starting … Continue reading Ways To Deal With Emotional Eating

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5 Whole 30 Products I Live Off Of During My Rounds…

As I round up day 7 of Whole 30 my mind is whole 30 everything right now. Making sure my fridge and cabinets are stocked with whole 30 compliant items is how I succeed. As I’m beginning to run out of a few things that I use everyday I figured I would share what products I order weekly to help keep me on track and stay motivated. If your like me then you like consistency. I find that keeping whole 30 options that I know I love on hand is what helps keep me on track. My very first round … Continue reading 5 Whole 30 Products I Live Off Of During My Rounds…

Top 5 Whole 30 “Must Haves”

If you have completed a round of Whole 30, then you absolutely know how important it is to be food prepped. If your anything like me, when your hungry your hungry. I would be lying if I said I hadn’t ended a whole 30 due to caving because I was not prepared. After many lessons learned, I have realized how important having Whole 30 compliant snacks on hand are. Over many trials I’ve figured out what snacks are most satisfying to me and which ones work best for my lifestyle. As I gear up for another round I sat down … Continue reading Top 5 Whole 30 “Must Haves”

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Spring is Here! Spring is Here!

Building Raised Garden Beds & Transplanting Your Garden Outdoors How excited are we to finally be enjoying some consistent Spring weather! I am pumped for the season and ready to go with a flourishing garden window. As I type I hear a lawn mower off in the distance, the sun is shining on my kitchen table, and I can hear faint bird chirping… Life is Good. Over the weekend my fiance and I build a raised garden bed outback to accomadate more of my herbs and vegetables. I must say this was an easier task then I expected. We chose … Continue reading Spring is Here! Spring is Here!

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All Things PICKLED

My newest food obsession is pickling… pickling cucumbers, peppers, onions, jalapeños, and even avocados! Last year I made my own pickles by pickling cucumbers. Since then I cant stop!! Some of my favorites are pickled jalapeños and peppers. I could easily eat an entire jar of either in one sitting. I love throwing them over my eggs in the morning to add a fun flavor. Throw them in a buddha bowl, or on top of a pizza. They give a salad so much more flavor! My fiance’s favorite are the jalapeños and he tends to put them on everything, and … Continue reading All Things PICKLED