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All Things PICKLED

My newest food obsession is pickling… pickling cucumbers, peppers, onions, jalapeños, and even avocados! Last year I made my own pickles by pickling cucumbers. Since then I cant stop!! Some of my favorites are pickled jalapeños and peppers. I could easily eat an entire jar of either in one sitting. I love throwing them over my eggs in the morning to add a fun flavor. Throw them in a buddha bowl, or on top of a pizza. They give a salad so much more flavor! My fiance’s favorite are the jalapeños and he tends to put them on everything, and … Continue reading All Things PICKLED

Celebrating Spring Indoors

Brighten Up Your Home There’s been some extra PEP in my step this last week with these lovely Spring vibes. If you’ve been following along on my Instagram you can tell that I’ve been taking advantage and have started to get some plants into the house. You all know TraderJoe’s is my go to, well for flowers as well! They always have a great, fresh selection of flowers and succulents. This week we started off with some English Daffodils (look and smell wonderful and only cost me $1.49 each). I’m actually going to go back to grab more for my … Continue reading Celebrating Spring Indoors