Celebrating Spring Indoors

Brighten Up Your Home

There’s been some extra PEP in my step this last week with these lovely Spring vibes. If you’ve been following along on my Instagram you can tell that I’ve been taking advantage and have started to get some plants into the house. You all know TraderJoe’s is my go to, well for flowers as well! They always have a great, fresh selection of flowers and succulents. This week we started off with some English Daffodils (look and smell wonderful and only cost me $1.49 each). I’m actually going to go back to grab more for my bathrooms and nightstand this weekend. (Simple, nice touch)

Spring Bouquets always make me smile. I love putting them in a mason jar and right onto the kitchen table. They smell wonderful, look beautiful, and make a great centerpiece. They also look great on the coffee table, nightstand, or on your bathroom vanity. If I know I’m having guests for dinner this is always a MUST. Simple touches like that add character to any room. My hope this year is to bring my own flowers from my backyard in to the kitchen table.

Ahh…succulents! I just love these guys. They are perfect to put anywhere and make me quite happy! I got this big guy at Home Depot for only $13. I wish I got more so I will definitely be heading back. They also have a great selection of little guys! Trader’s had a good selection as well and they were in cute painted pots! I love putting these guys just about everywhere! I line my bathtub, place them on my windowsills, and even have a few on my staircase. Very inspiring and beautiful to look at.

Tulips have always been a favorite of mine. TraderJoe’s has them for $2.49. My tulips started to open within hours of getting them in direct sunlight. I find myself checking on it every few hours to see how beautiful it looks. This guy went right into my garden window with all veggies since he loves direct sunlight and adds a pop of color to all the flourishing green veggies.

I must say these flowers add such a nice touch to the house. Whether your expecting guests or simply want to brighten up your home you can’t go wrong with some Spring flowers or succulents! Get creative and have fun!

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