5 Success Tips For Whole 30

As I start a fresh round of whole 30 I am feeling so many emotions. There’s nothing like that jittery almost butterfly feeling of excitement when starting something exciting or new. Of course I am on day one and am feeling this but give me 24 hours and I’m sure my emotions will do a complete 180.

I wanted to set myself up for success this round as I know there will be many obstacles in my way. I decided to share the five steps I took or will be taking this round and why I find them so helpful.

1. Rid Your House Of Non-Whole30 Foods. This is a big one. I did not do this my first round of whole30 and within one week I was sitting in my pantry with a trash bag (swearing) throwing away every non whole30 item purely so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat it. AHH I remember the thoughts and back and forths in my head telling me to remain strong. I finally realized I had to just get rid of it all! Two days before starting this round I did just that. I boxed & taped up all my canned non whole30 items and placed them in the garage and we purged our fridge mostly by eating the items and just throwing away the rest. By doing this I set us up for success. The only items in my kitchen are now whole30 compliant so less risk of me slipping up.

Fortunately I can do this because my partner and I are both participating in Whole30 this round. For those of you who live with others who aren’t doing whole30 there are still ways you can set yourself up for success here. Try to claim a cabinet & a shelf in the fridge as just yours. I did this one round and it did work. I had one cabinet and spot in the fridge and I made sure I only used and looked through that cabinet to not be tempted. Just train your mind to use only those areas and eventually you’ll get used to your mind automatically going there. Another huge helpful factor for this scenario is meal prep, which brings me to tip number two.

2. Prep, Prep, Prep, Meal Prep is KEY. 

To some this probably seems obvious because it is so much easier to reach in the fridge and grab something on the go or heat something up rather than spend time preparing and cooking. This is a game changer and very important for your success.

You know that feeling after a long day and you finally get home and just want to sit, eat, and relax. That becomes a lot easier to do when you have a whole30 meal already prepped and waiting for you. This is why I am a huge crockpot fan. I choose one day to focus on my meal prep for the week. From breakfast through dinner I have a plan or something prepped and waiting for each day.

If I’m in a crunch or desperately hungry you bet there is some whole30 snack or meal prepped and waiting for me in this situation (because they do occur, a lot). When that time comes I will be that much more grateful for the time I took to prep myself for success.

If you can’t do a whole week at a time take it day by day. But make sure you set aside the time each day to prepare each meal for that day. If you are on the go make sure you are prepared with a snack and lunch incase you cannot find a whole30 option elsewhere. Set yourself up for success and you won’t worry about a slip up.

3. Track Your Progress, It’s Motivational, I Promise!

I love writing things down. I have lots of planners and notebooks and all that jazz. I am someone who gets motivated by writing and seeing my accomplishments written down on paper. Try this for yourself this round of whole30. Whether you track your successful moments or your not so pretty moments write it all down. Your successful moments will push you to continue and do better. Your not so pretty moments will remind you of how rewarding and hard this journey really is and how worth it it will be in the end. I promise this will motivate you to continue through and want to achieve those milestones you have set for yourself. Maybe you want to track your moods and insights after all there are a lot of ups and downs on this journey.

4. Accountability. Hold Yourself Accountable.

There is only one person who can truly hold you to your word. That is yourself. There is no one constantly watching over you or tracking what you do, say, or eat. Just you. So YOU need to hold yourself accountable. Make sure you believe in yourself. Make sure you are honest with yourself. This comes down to the how much do you really want it question. If you want to succeed you will hold yourself accountable. It’s as simple as that.

This is where tracking your progress really helps. What better way to hold yourself accountable than to write it down and track it. To be able to look back at your achievements written down shows your accountability.

5. Have Fun and Remain Positive. 

Remember that this is suppose to be a rewarding, life-changing journey. Not only are you basically detoxing and resetting your body you are learning so many new things about yourself along the way. Remain positive throughout your entire journey. There will be stressful difficult times but push through. Have fun because after all its only 30 days and it will seem like a flash once your finished. So enjoy all the moments and have fun with it! You are capable of anything you put your mind to you just have to do it!

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